ninebar creative

NineBar Creative is a one-stop shop for graphic, web, and spatial design in Asheville, NC. 

We are a two-man team with background and experience with web & graphic design, pre-press & print production, architecture, photography, and coffee consumption.

It takes nine bars of pressure to pull a shot of espresso, and good design works quite a bit like a good shot of espresso. You've got to take a big scoop of ideas, apply pressure and heat, and try the resulting brew. At the end of the day, what we aim to give our clients is that final delicious drop of pure designed goodness. Whatever it takes to get there, we're happy to tweak the process in order to get the best result. 

Our process is collaborative, communicative, and engaging. We're fun to work with (if we say so ourselves), and committed to timely, professional delivery of a final product or concept. 



Nic comes from the small Piedmont town of Troutman, NC.

As a child, he enjoyed playing with copious amounts of legos, which soon spawned a deep fascination with technology. At age 8, he had his first cup of coffee, and as legend has it, farmers in Ethiopia simultaneously got goosebumps. 

Fourteen years later, Nic earned a degree in Interactive Design within the Multimedia Arts and Sciences program at The University of North Carolina at Asheville. He bounced from video to animation, then to graphic design where he finally landed on the intersection of graphic design and web development. Nic cut his teeth in a large local print shop, manning printers that cost more than his house.

In his spare time, Nic still plays on the computer, drinks inconceivable amounts of coffee, & watches reruns of Star Trek.



Jasper is from too-cool Asheville, NC

An unhealthy amount of Lego time paired with free access to art supplies and library books meant this nerdy little child knew he wanted to study architecture.

Jasper graduated with a degree in architecture from The University of Virginia. He amplified his design aesthetic by dabbling in architectural history, preservation and urban planning courses. His work is spatial, textured and tactile and his design process typically involves an ample freedom of movement between digital and manual media. Since then, Jasper's been running restaurants, bars, and his mouth.

Outside of the office, Jasper is probably rearranging his house, on the hunt for antique liquor & furniture, or scheming on how to become Nate Silver.